Good gym workout!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings are gym days.  My gym is only open when classes are offered, but of course I am only able to go to certain class times due to our family schedules.  What works best for me is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 am.  Interestingly, the 5:30 am crowd at my gym is known as the “hard core” crowd.  I guess that’s so.

Our warmup always consists of 3 minutes of jumping rope (or in my case, running in place); 15 overhead squats followed by 15 pushpresses; and 10/10 walking lunges.

Warmup 2 rounds:

5 mountain climbers

10 inverted ring rows

10 mountain climbers

10 pushups

15 mountain climbers

10 ball clean & squats

20 mountain climbers


We had a workout with partners today.  There is always a timer partner and a working partner.  Whenever I am the timer partner, I work harder because I don’t want to leave my partner hanging doing their exercise AMRAP for too long.

4 rounds:

Timer:  10 cleans (barbell at 50 lbs)

Partner:  Burpees AMRAP

Timer:  10 Squat Thrusters (barbell at 50 lbs)

Partner:  Pullups AMRAP (with band)

Timer:  Back Squat (barbell at 50 lbs)

Partner:  Wall Climbs

Timer:  Sumo Deadlift High pull (barbell at 50 lbs)

Partner:  Dips


The workout felt really tough for me today.  50 lbs is usually not a big deal for me, but today my body was saying, “What are you doing?”!

Fortunately, we have a leisurely evening tonight as the kids don’t have any activities.  That’s so unusual!



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