AMRAP — this means “as many reps as possible”. It’s often used for a workout that has a time limit with certain prescribed exercises. For example, you may have a 5 minute limit to do push presses AMRAP. That means “do as many push presses as you can in 5 minutes”. Pretty simple.

I kind of think of running fast as running AMRAP. You’re trying to complete as many reps as possible in as short a time as possible. It might not be a technically correct representation of AMRAP, but it could be.

Saturday was my last long run before my March 23 half marathon (Allstate 13.1 NYC half marathon). I used to take for granted being able to run 12 miles without a problem or being able to complete a half marathon on any given day. But apparently, this winter I have not been running enough. My running base is probably the poorest it’s been since I first started running. Before I started going to the gym almost 2 years ago, I was running 6 days a week. The gym workouts killed me, so I dropped it down to 4-5 days per week. This winter, it’s dropped to 3 days a week. I like to delude myself into thinking I’ll run 4 days, but for awhile it’s just been 3. The excuse is that I need one rest day, so if I’m going to the gym 3 days a week and doing my Wendler 5/3/1 3 days a week and running 3 days a week, that’s more than a week…..And on all the long runs over 10 miles this winter, I’ve FELT the lack of my running base. So I know I need to somehow squeeze in another running day, even if it’s just 3 miles.

While Saturday’s 12 mile run was tough, last night’s 4.5 mile run was GREAT! The weather was warmer, so it was the first time I could run without pants. No, silly, I wasn’t breaking any laws — I was wearing capris. But yeah, skin was showing. Pale skin that has not seen the sunlight in months! I felt like a gazelle last night and ran an average 9:37 min/mile pace. That’s way faster than my easy pace is supposed to be, but I had on my fast shoes, less clothing, and felt great.

This morning’s gym workout was WONDERFUL! I love the barbell, and that’s what we were working with. There were 4 pods, 7 minutes each, 2 minutes rest between pods.

Pod 1: 13 deadlifts (115 lbs or 125 lbs — I switched back and forth)
3 burpees
(The trainer and I had discussed that for the gym, I should do repetitive exercises at 65-70% of my 1 rep max weight. It’s hard to calculate that at 5:30 am so I did the best I could)

Pod 2: 13 cleans (60 lbs — I couldn’t decide if I should do 60 or 65 lbs so I stuck with 60 lbs)
3 burpees

Pod 3: 13 thrusters (50 lbs — this is a no-brainer — my shoulders were shot from Monday’s Wendler 5/3/1 overhead presses)
3 burpees

Pod 4: 13 overhead squats (35 lbs — I STINK at these so I opted for form over weight)
3 burpees

I ended up having sushi for lunch today. While I had made a lot of chicken for a couple of dinners, I had forgotten that the kids now eat as much as I do so I didn’t have enough for lunch today. There’s a great little sushi place in the Asian food mart nearby — they have very good and affordable sushi takeout.  It isn’t exactly paleo with the rice….and I felt the crash this afternoon!  I had forgotten about those post-lunch afternoon crashes.  When you don’t eat grains, beans, rice, and corn, you don’t have those drastic blood sugar drops anymore.


Since I tend to read labels on all the food I buy, I checked out the package of the soy sauce and was appalled at what I saw. High fructose corn syrup and a couple of things I can’t pronounce! Ugh!



2 thoughts on “AMRAP

  1. I never associated running as an AMRAP.. I need to think of that when I do my 10k on Sunday!

    I was going to go with the approach of just running until I can’t run anymore; combined with walk breaks. But I think I am going to do it like my first/last 10k and just do a walk/run combo (run 3, walk 1). This worked well before.. so I can see how many reps of run/walk I can do.. may be a good way to look at it!

    What a fun WOD.. hehe. I despise OHS too! I usually stick with the 35lb bar, too!

    • Jennifer, the 3-1 walk/run combo is a great way to approach a longer distance in which you haven’t tackled 80-85% of the distance a couple of times in training. I remember reading a couple of years ago in Runners World that elite runners incorporate walking into their training — and I thought, well, if it’s good enough for pro athletes, it’s good enough for me! The Galloway Method of running is based around the run/walk intervals for training and for racing, and thousands of runners use it successfully.

      Good luck with your 10K! Remember, races are supposed to be a celebration, so have fun with it!

      I despise OHS but the things I despise most are anything where I’m upside down (handstand anything, wallclimbs) and the rope climb. I used to hate all squats and lunges, but now I like squats and I tolerate lunges.

      Have a great weekend!

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