They can’t keep us from running

Remembering Boston Marathon 2013[/caption]I love running. Granted, I was less focused on running for several months, but the past few weeks I have embraced training with a renewed passion. Yesterday, I was all pumped up to follow the Boston Marathon and to cheer on my favorites (Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher). Until about 2:30 I was with a customer and couldn’t wait to find out who won. Not long after, one of my coworkers came to my office saying that a bomb had gone off at the Boston Marathon. What???? For the rest of the afternoon, we were checking news reports all afternoon to find out more. It as horrifying seeing the videos, the photos, and thinking about all those poor runners and their loved ones who were attending what is supposed to be a joyful celebration.

So many friends and relatives reached out to me to find out if I was in Boston or home safe. I haven’t yet qualified for Boston, so I’m still here, and I’m glad to be here this year. It seems that I’ve gotten two reactions — one from runners saying that we cannot be intimidated by this senseless act of evil, and one from non-runners imploring us to be safe and not to do large-market events.

For myself, I am more determined than ever to put in the hard work to qualify for Boston. I will not be intimidated. Just as the horrible events of 9/11 did not keep me from air travel, so this event will not keep me from participating in the sport I love.

Prayers to all of those affected by the Boston Marathon event.

Remembering Boston Marathon 2013 Remembering Boston Marathon 2013[/caption

Keep Running!


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