Woodcliff Lake 5K — race 2

A larger group of people headed over to the starting area for the 5K, including some people I recognized from the 10K race.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only crazy person running both races!  I was feeling good though, and my clothes were dry as I had changed everything, including socks and shoes.
The race volunteers had to move the balloon arch because the wind had picked up and was blowing it down onto the starting line. They played the National Anthem again and had another moment of silence.  And then the air horn went off!
I basically had no strategy for this race other than to run hard.  I didn’t even look at my Garmin though I had it on.  I spent a couple of hundred yards weaving through runners, passing the kids who start out at a dead sprint and then stop abruptly. 
I love how in 5Ks people start out way too fast and then you can pass them as the race goes on. 
We hit a turn-around point which was about halfway, and I waved to Peter on the other side.  I felt good in the first mile but started feeling it in the second mile.  Soon, there were no women around me, just guys.  Guys don’t really motivate me that much to go faster.
After the second mile marker I was really feeling the pain.  But I knew we only had a mile to go and decided to suck it up.  Finally, we made the turn back onto the main road and about 200 yards later made the left turn into the school’s drive.  I was still running with those guys, and I just busted as hard as I could to make sure I could finish under my goal of 26 minutes.
I crossed the finish line in 25:26 according to my Garmin (25:28 according to official race results).  Peter finished in 24:16 and was very happy!  He ended up second in his age group, and I was 5th in my age group and 12th overall female.
I was exhausted after those 2 races.  The 10K was my target race, while the 5K was just for fun.  I felt powerful after finishing those 2 races, especially as 25:28 isn’t a bad 5K finish time, 10K prior or not!
I think I’ll try to do both races again next year to see if I can better my finish time.  Hill training will be in order though!

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