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Hi! I am a 44-year-old working mom of 2 preteen/teen kids who is passionate about fitness and food! I love running, weight-lifting, and functional fitness type workouts. I love food, but I don’t love the process of cooking — it’s merely a means to an end, which is hopefully tasty! I also love encouraging and inspiring others to pursue their own health and fitness journey! Ultimately, I believe that it’s my responsibility — and gift — to teach my kids how to live a healthful lifestyle and to enjoy the process!


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  1. Hi I found your blog by way of paleo/nonpaleo. I too live in N.j. am paleo and love to talk about food and working out. Just thought I’d reach out and say hi. Nice to know there are others like me here in N.J.

    • Hi Alisa! It’s great to hear from a fellow NJ paleo peep! There may be more of us, but I haven’t met to many yet. One of my friends is a convert, but most of my friends think I’m a nut. But they thought I was a bit of a health and fitness nut before this anyway. BTW my daughter’s middle name is Alisa!

  2. Most of my family and friends think I’m crazy as well. But some of them are starting to come around.. one great thing though is many of my friends do work out. We do triathlons.
    I live in Monmouth county. Are you anywhere near me ? It would be awesome to be able to get together, work out talk food.
    I do have a question. What do you do for nutrition when working out? I don’t do dairy so I find it hard to find a good protein powder type drink that’s healthy too. Plus I don’t want any “fake” sweeteners. Have you found any worthwhile?
    p.s that’s cool about your daughter’s name:)

    • Hi Alisa, sorry I haven’t responded yet! Life caught up with me. I’m far away to the north of you in Bergen County, but that’s OK. We can still talk food!

      As for nutrition, I do a few things. After a workout, I have a meal or a large snack depending on the type of workout. After a workout that is more weightlifting-oriented, I’ll make sure I have a good amount of protein in the form of chicken, beef, pork, eggs, whatever I happen to be having in that meal. If the workout was primarily running, interval training, etc., I’ll make sure to have more carbs than usual — a sweet potato, a banana, other fruit, some raisins, etc. It took awhile to figure things out, but I do better with having lower carb meals on non-running days and higher-carb meals on running days or in the days prior to a long run or race.

      During runs that require fuel (i.e., carbs) I’ve found that raisins work well! They’re portable in a ziploc bag, easy to chew, small, and are loaded with carbs. I use Larabars sometimes too. I don’t want all the fake stuff in the typical runner fuel like gels, shot bloks, etc., so I’ve found natural alternatives. I drink coconut water as well instead of Gatorade (never loved it anyway) and I do use Saltstick (salt tabs) during long runs/races. Hope that helps!

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